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The management team

Our company is passionate about providing people with access to and use environmentally friendly plastic products made from renewable resources。Biono's management team is driven by the vision of a world free of plastic packaging pollution。

As a company, we encourage our customers to go beyond the boundaries of traditional plastic compounding and processing to achieve the highest level of earth friendliness by developing innovative solutions that precisely meet their needs, enabling them to achieve their business goals and sustainability goals, and increase their brand value。

With NuPlastiQ, Our customers can be sure they are helping to reduce the negative impact of fossil plastics。

Our management team is made up of experienced, dedicated and highly motivated individuals who are committed to providing customer satisfaction, quality leadership, innovative technology and value。




Steven Sherman

Chief executive officer

Steve Extensive experience in business expansion, manufacturing and operations in the high-tech industry, including senior management positions in high-tech startupsCoactive, Inc.AptageHZO, Inc.。He was also in the United States Hirata Corporation of Americawork18And later served as vice President of its light Assembly division。 

Steve He holds an MBA from Westminster College and received his degree from Brigham Young University in Japan / Bachelor's degree in Asian Studies。



DAvid Parker LI.jpeg

David Parker

Chief Financial Officer

David Is an experienced entrepreneur, operator and consultant who owns40Years of global financial and business management experience。He is a respected and experienced finance and investment manager who has helped many technology companies successfully scale their businesses。 DavidSRS Capital PartnersPartner of,SRS Capital PartnersWe are a boutique private equity and consulting partnership。David也是SRS Family Office PartnersCo-founder and CHIEF Executive Officer。  

DavidShe holds a BACHELOR's degree in business Administration from Brigham Young University。




Ken Kramer

Chief Technology Officer

Ken There are more than14年为Hill-RomHillenbrandExperience in driving innovation。From then on, he becameEarly Light Industrial Company Limited (Sunrise Industries co., Ltd. is a privately owned international manufacturer of toys and consumer goods, as well as medical equipment) Vice President of research and development。He has toEarly Light Industrial Company Limitedwork10For many years, most recently as director of New business Development for plant-based biomass materials and products。 KenThe knowledge patent portfolio includes knowledge from around the world100A number of patents。 

KenShe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial Technology and Computer Integrated Design from Ball State University。



Don Allen, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Allen 拥有30Many years of high-tech product development experience, among them25Nian is the manager of these r&d efforts。在Texas InstrumentsCrystal TechnologyCTS Communications ComponentsTokoHe has led the development and successful patenting of numerous technologies, including through the adoption of lean methods (Lean methods) Conduct design engineering to speed up design to market and reduce material and product development costs。

Dr. AllenShe holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Oregon and brigham Young University。




Alberto Ulriksen

Chief revenue officer

Alberto It owns in the petrochemical, plastics, pharmaceutical and medical equipment sectors30Years of international administrative experience。 Alberto Dow Chemicalwork18There, he moved from finance to sales, marketing, product, and business management and development。最近,Alberto 担任BrenntagManaging Director,BrenntagPart of the world's leading chemical distribution company。

Alberto He holds a degree in economics and business administration from the University of Chile and attended the Franklin D. Babson College W · Olin Business School's Executive Development Alliance。



Bruno Pereria

Chief Sustainability Officer

Bruno Collaborate with industry, academia and government to promote scientific processes related to bio-based thermoplastics, recycling and biodegradation。Prior to joiningBioLogiQ之前,Bruno Dow ChemicalWork over12He most recently served as president of TheDow ChemicalNew Business development manager for Specialty Plastics North America。And before we do that,BrunoI was in BrazilABRE工作。

Bruno He holds a Master's degree in production engineering from the Federal University of SAN Carlos and a Bachelor's degree in commerce from the University of Sao Paulo。



Rod Davies

The, the,亚洲) Chief executive officer

RodHe is a mechanical engineer, business founder, entrepreneur and CEO。He has executive and leadership experience in plastics manufacturing, contract manufacturing and consumer product development。He founded, owned and operated several small consumer products companies in the United States and Europe and later sold them to industry leaders。

RodCompleted his studies in mechanical engineering and business administration at Brigham Young University。




Bryce Esplin

Vice President of Manufacturing Operations

BryceEngaged in manufacturing more than11Years, worked inGolden Valley NaturalEngaged in meat snack manufacturing, most recently as chief Executive Officer。And before we do that,BryceA formerDiamond Three Dairy (1200Head dairy) And successfully expanded the business60%。

BryceHe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Brigham Young University in Idaho and an MBA degree from Washington State University。



Shigenobu Miura, PhD

Vice President - 科创

Dr. Miura is a polymer specialist in the areas of chemical engineering, bioengineering, biotechnology, microbiology and plant operations。He spent most of his career working at Musashino Chemical Laboratory and in 2006年至2010President of Musashi Wildlife Recycling Corporation。

Dr. Miura holds a BACHELOR's degree in chemical Engineering from the University of Tokyo and a doctorate from the College of Agricultural Sciences at Gifu University。



Advisory committee


Brad LaPray


At the start of BioLogiQ之前,Brad Founded in Baltimore, MarylandZentech Manufacturing Inc.It is a leading electronic contract manufacturing company。 Brad拥有30Years of engineering and manufacturing experience at Boeing,TRWWebastoAllied SignalTake on a management position。

He manages multifunctional product development teams that design and manufacture products for automotive companies such as BMW, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mazda and Mitsubishi。

Brad He holds a B.S. in engineering from Brigham Young University and an M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University。



Jose Torradas, PhD

R&d and technical support

Dr. TorradasHe has been a senior technical consultant for DuPont High Performance Materials, engaged in packaging and custom materials business35年。He has extensive experience in research and development, global technical support, product and application development, licensing and product line management with products including barrier polymers, polymer blends, polymer modifications, recycling and biopolymers。

Dr. TorradasHe holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Barcelona, Spain and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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