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365bet亚洲官方投注 - 365bet体育在线网址

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Brad LaPray isBioLogiQHe was born and raised in Idaho。In his youth, Brad worked long hours in the fields and fell in love with farming。He learned to work hard and was grateful for nature, which inspired him to this day。

Brad After a 20-year career on the East Coast, rediscovering a love of agriculture and an interest in bioplastics, he returned to Idaho。

Bioplastics are nothing new, but in 2010,Brad Set about making it better。In 2011, he foundedBioLogiQ, with the aim of making useful plastics from the excess starch produced in the processing of potatoesNuPlastiQ ® biopolymer

Over the next five years (2011-2016), BioLogiQ 专注于#160;独有的 NuPlastiQ ® 技术开发,使塑料生产商能够使用他们#160;现有的设备制造多种可持续塑料制品。

In October 2015, Wada Farms launched the first product containing BioLogiQ's NuPlastiQ for use at walmart."Tater Made®" bags for fresh potatoes they sell。  

BioLogiQHas evolved from a simple concept to an industry leading supplier of sustainable bioplastic resins。

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