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Greenhouse Gas reduction

BioLogiQWe are committed to maintaining the quality of life and enjoying every day on this planet。Over the past 100 years, we have relied too heavily on fossil fuels, causing climate change on a global scale, chronic pollution, and the knowledge that fossil fuels are, as a whole, a finite resource。

To address these concerns, we use annual renewable starch (NuPlastiQResin) instead of petroleum, as a raw material for plastics。
BioLogiQ’的NuPlastiQ® BiopolymerMixing with any petroleumplastic resin can have a dramatic, rapid effect on carbon emissions (CO2) and could ultimately have an impact on the ongoing "greenhouse gas" problem。Our resins can be used as an "alternative" ingredient, added to materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene。When using our resin, manufacturers do not need to use specific equipment and labor costs do not increase。It just works。


Environmental impact of NuPlastiQ in terms of greenhouse gas emissions

使用BioLogiQ’的NuPlastiQAfter replacing 25% of the traditional polyethylene in the bag,To quantify the significant effect this substitution would have on carbon emissions,As an example, assume that 2 kg of CO2 is emitted for every 1 kg of polyethylene produced,Each kilogram of NuPlastiQ resin produced will emit 0.38 kg CO2: Then for every kg NuPlastiQ used instead of 1 kg polyethylene, CO2 is reduced by 1 kg.62 公斤。

In addition to replacing polyethylene directly, addNuPlastiQIt also improves the strength of the film and reduces its thickness by 25%。

Replacing 25 percent of the polyethylene in the plastic film and reducing the thickness of the film by 25 percent could save 49 million metric tons of CO2。

Based on the data on reducing CO2 emissions, we can use EPA's"Greenhouse gas equivalent calculation formula"Computations in multiple situations, and how to use themBioLogiQ’的NuPlastiQThe benefit of the environment。

In a nutshell...


For every kilogram usedNuPlastiQInstead of one kilogram of LDPE,Carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 1.62 公斤 。*


Use NuPlastiQ instead5600 公吨Polyethylene, 25% of plastic film, reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 4,900 metric tons。  The same as banning 10,350,445 cars!**


* The co2 levels shown in this article are based on data provided by a third party referred to by that partyBioLogiQLCA specific report, we can provide the report upon request。
** Greenhouse gas equivalents used by the US Environmental Protection AgencyGreenhouse gas equivalent calculation formulacalculated。


The life cycle of plastic

A simple flow chart for plastics is as follows:



NuPlastiQ BioLogiQ 'The general flow chart is as follows:


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