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Compostable resin mixture

compostable resin blends

Compostable resins are those that can be completely degraded in an industrial composting environment specified by ASTM d-6400 (USA) or EN14342 (Europe)。These requirements specify the rate and integrity of degradation required to certify materials as compostable。BioLogiQ’的NuPlastiQ® BiopolymerIt is a resin that meets these requirements and is S600 certified by Vincotte based on laboratory tests in 2016。

When the material is mixed with other certified degradable resins, the resulting product is also fully degradable。Therefore, according to the provisions of the United States and European standards, containsNuPlastiQAnd PBAT, orNuPlastiQThe mixture with PLA is of the fully compostable type (PLA and PBAT are examples of certified products)。

Compostable materials are not the best choice for all uses, but ideally, the rate of degradation can match the specific requirements of the use。


compostable resin blendsdegraded-mulch.jpg

Fortunately, due toNuPlastiQ'degrades rapidly, and in an ideal world,NuPlastiQIt can improve the overall degradation performance of other resins used。比如,PBAT 通常被用作农业地膜; 但是它在耕地环境中的降解速度低于大众预期。With NuPlastiQ/PBAT compostable mixtures, the degradation rate can be reduced and designed for 30-60 days, while the mulch can still function as an aid to crop growth as needed。

We have gained experience in mixing NuPlastiQ with PLA, PHA, PBAT, PBS and PCL and other compostable resins。Please contact me directlyBioLogiQ, we will help you design compostable mixtures according to your specific use。


compostable resin blends

The upper left quadrant shows conventional plastic。The remaining three quadrants are bioplastics。

Some bioplastics are not biodegradable (most of them are), some fossil fuel plastics are biodegradable (most of them are not)。Plastics capable of decomposition into natural elements in the presence of microbial activity can be said and considered biodegradable when tested in accordance with ASTM methods and tested in terms of decomposition time and quantity, which need to be tested by special testing methods。

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