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BioLogiQA process has been invented to bringNuPlastiQ® Biopolymer(low crystal state) and other polyolefin materials (high crystal state) to produce a homogeneous mixture。The resulting thermoplastic mixture is calledBioBlend ®。NuPlastiQ has a higher modulus (strength) than many polyolefin materials, thereforeBioBlends ®It can be used to make plastic objects that are stronger than those made entirely of polyolefin。Compared with products made of base resinBioBlends ®The plastics produced exhibit superior chemical and mechanical properties。


NuPlastiQ increases strength and decreases thickness


NuPlastiQ was used instead of starch BioBlends ®After that, every plastics manufacturer will be able to produce high-quality, sustainable plastics that were not possible with starch before。Companies that have tried starch or TPS in the past and not been successful can now use it easily with existing equipmentBioLogiQ’的NuPlastiQ BioBlend ®Resin produces high quality, high performance products。

Pass through the standard composite tablet pressBioLogiQ'can be madeBioBlends ®Meet your purpose, do not need to use starch powder injection required by the side of the feed port and other special equipment。

BioBlends ®It has been successfully manufactured and can be used with many traditional fossil fuel resins and bio-resins, such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PS, PP and PBAT as well as PHA, PLA and PBS bio-resins。BioLogiQWe will continue to develop blends with many other plastic resins on the market。


NuPlastiQ improves the properties of recycled polyethylene

您的BioBlend ®Applications should also consider recycled resins。The results show that,NuPlastiQThe strengthening properties are extended to those containing recycled plastic resinsBioBlends ®Its performance has been significantly improved, and it has opened up a new market for recycled materials。


NuPlastiQ/PE BioBlend ®Contain 25%NuPlastiQAnd 75 percent polyethylene, which is used to make films and plastic bags。 Using NuPlastiQ BioBlend ®能够Improve bubble stabilityImprove the strength of the film,So that the thickness of the film can降低 30%, which is needed to make plastic bagsFossil fuel resins reduced by 50%But the functionality of the product is not affected。This will reduce the amount of traditional non-biodegradable polyethylene in landfills and oceans。

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