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The invention of the BioLogiQ

Starches and starch-blended plastics have been available for many years and are often referred to as thermoplastic starch (TPS) and TPS blends。However, these TPS plastics are expensive to produce and are not of the quality required for high-quality films to be used in plastic bags。

BioLogiQThe invention of a device calledNuPlastiQ® BiopolymerA new type of TPS。

plastic resin pellets

BioLogiQUsing proprietary techniques to produce famous productsNuPlastiQPlasticized starch resin granules with low moisture content。NuPlastiQ is made in pellet form, allowing plastic manufacturers to use their standard manufacturing equipment in the same way they use other traditional plastic resin pellets。BioLogiQ’的NuPlastiQPellets can be mixed with conventional petroleum resin pellets to improve the sustainability of all plastic products。

Most companies making starch blends now use twin-screw blending equipment to mix traditional fossil fuel plastic resin granules with starch powder。The mixing degree of the resulting mixed particles is usually not ideal for useBioLogiQ'NuPlastiQ particles are used as high quality and high performance films。NuPlastiQCan be mixed with any kind of traditional plastic as well as other bioplastic resins。

BioLogiQWe have invented a process that allows us to do it in a unique wayNuPlastiQWhen mixed with conventional low density polyethylene, the resulting film strength is significantly higher than that of PE alone。This technological breakthrough has important implications, allowing us to reduce the thickness of the film。Add to LLDPE or LDPEBioLogiQ’的NuPlastiQIt can improve bubble stability and reduce the thickness of blow film to .1 密耳(2.5 微米)!成分为 25% NuPlastiQ 和 75% PE 的袋子厚度下降了 30%,制作袋子时消耗的化石燃料也因此降低了 50%。This will reduce the amount of traditional non-biodegradable polyethylene in landfills and oceans。


plastic resin pellets

The cost of the bag falls along with the thickness, and the production of NuPlastiQ produces 80% less carbon dioxide than traditional resins made from fossil fuels。

The new Plastic Economy Manifests three main objectives:

  1. Free plastics from fossil fuel supplies
  2. Create an effective economy for the subsequent use of plastics
  3. Significantly reduce "plastic" emissions to the environment -- increasing the use of biodegradable plastics 

使用BioLogiQ'NuPlastiQ is an excellent way to achieve these three main goals。

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